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Zhang Kejian and Vice Chairman of the Venezuelan Council of Ministers and Minister of Science and Technology Gabriela jointly signed a joint statement on cooperation with the International Lunar Research Station




中国与委内瑞拉航天领域合作历史悠久,成果斐然。中委合作的“委星一号” 通信卫星、“委遥一号”、“委遥二号”遥感卫星,为发展中委全面战略伙伴关系做出了重要贡献。该联合声明的签署标志着双方合作从近地空间走向月球与深空领域,是中委航天合作的重要里程碑,对推动两国科技进步、经济社会发展具有重要意义。

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